Project Description


One Hundred Morning Route Hiking Trail

The One Hundred Morning Route (yellow) is named after an old lot name: a ‘morning’ used to be as much land as could be ploughed in one morning. And nowadays: as much path as one can walk in one morning. No dogs allowed.

Marsen Route Hiking Trail

The Marsen Route (green) runs through the yard of petting farm De Marsen, a green sand hill and rugged meadows. The trail leads along a butterfly path, an imposing windmill and remnants of dyke breaches. No dogs allowed.

Twiske Route Hiking Trail

The Twiske Route (red) is the Long Trail of Het Twiske, across or parallel to the high green ring dyke. The northern part of the trail comes closest to the former peat landscape. No dogs allowed.

Photo’s: Kitty Wa Bwanda De Boer

Discover Laag Holland, the backyard of Amsterdam.

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