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Art and Culture

Art Gallery Anton Heyboer

Anton Heyboer is one of the most famous artists of the past century. Many of his works have been purchased by internationally renowned museums in Europe and America, such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and many other museums at home and abroad. Heyboer lived with four women in a commune in Den Ilp (Landsmeer). The “fifth” woman was his art seller, Petra, who lives across the street. The Anton Heyboer Art Gallery and Museum is Petra’s own independent gallery. You can admire and buy original works by Anton Heyboer here.

Grietje Tump Museum

The Grietje Tump Museum is named after its last inhabitant, Grietje Tump, daughter of the rentier, Cornelis Tump, from Banne Buiksloot. The museum exudes the atmosphere of the last century, with all its romance and practical utensils.

Please contact us by telephone before visiting.

Landsmeer Archaeological Association

(OLV, Oudheidkundige Vereniging Landsmeer)

The Landsmeer archaeological association was founded in 1994 with the aim of collecting material and data about large Landsmeer. The association has historical knowledge and beautiful images of the rich history of Landsmeer. The archaeological association can offer historical tours in and around Landsmeer on request.

Landsmeer Artists Association 

(KVL, Kunstenaarsvereniging Landsmeer)

Since 1993, a number of professional artists have found a platform in the Landsmeer Artists Association (KVL) to properly introduce themselves and to introduce the inhabitants of Landsmeer and surrounding areas to art in an accessible way. Every second weekend of the month, the KVL organises an exhibition in De Kantoorboerderij in Landsmeer, where members take turns to show their work.


Music Association Amicitia Landsmeer consists of a concert band, training orchestra and certified music training. A fun association for young and old alike. Since 1891, the club has made an effort to enthuse as many people as possible to make music or to enjoy it. Inside and outside Landsmeer. The concert band plays at the highest level of amateur orchestras, offers a varied repertoire and enjoys working on major events and special concerts.

De Eendracht

Music Association De Eendracht has been a vibrant association since 1 November 1891 and regularly puts itself on the map nationally with successful participation in competitions and popular concerts at home and abroad.

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